If your network goes down, it means loss of business. Emerson provides world-class power, cooling..

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  Panduit solutions allow IT managers to monitor network elements in real time, providing a critical gauge of...

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FPS has developed a unique approach to data centre management. This approach is summed up in the Total Data Centre Solution pyramid.
Level 1 – Decision Makers

The top of the pyramid consists of management, such as CIOs and other top executives, who decide on their IT systems’ business requirements.

Level 2 – Business Processes
The decisions from Level 1 will determine the choice of software applications – such as Oracle, SAP, etc. – as appropriate for the needs of the enterprise.

Level 3 – System Hardware
The software from Level 2 runs on IT hardware such as desktops, laptops and mobiles, supported by network servers (e.g. HP, IBM and Dell) and network equipment (e.g. Cisco, 3Com, EMC, etc.).

Level 4 – Mission Critical Foundation
The Level 3 hardware depends on Level 4 – the framework of power supplies, cooling equipment, generator sets, raised floors, server racks, cable management and fire prevention. Datacentre services also include installation and monitoring of IT equipment and facilities.

FPS is the distributor for market segment leaders in Level 4 solutions:
Emerson cooling, power, quality management and network solution
Panduit network cabling solution
Cablofil cable management solution
Dataclean datacentre cleaning solution

Together, these offerings provide clients of FPS with high-availability datacentres – that are virtually always-on, and feature compliance with stringent regulatory bodies such as Uptime Institute, BSA, etc.